Buy a house on Curacao –

Buying a house on Curacao is possible with our sister company Ruseler Makelaars. This, from origin Dutch real estate office, was set up to help you in the process of buying a house on Curacao at places like: Jan Thiel, Boca Gentil, Zuurzak, Jan Sofat, or Santa Barbara. Since Curacao is an autonomous country, it is no longer possible for Ruseler Makelaars to be part of the NVM (Dutch Association of Realtors). Ruseler Makelaars has 4 offices in The Netherland, of which all 4 are affiliated with the NVM.
If a vacation is no longer enough for you to experience the qualities of the island, buying a house in Curacao is the solution for you to enjoy and relax as much as you want on the island.

Sun, sea, beach

With a house on Curacao you will of course get the sun, the sea, and the beaches. On Curacao you will have a tropical climate with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Due to this pleasant temperature the sea water is always around 27 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for swimming anytime in the most beautiful bays of Curacao.

Caribbean vibe

Buying a house on Curacao is by far the best option in the Netherlands Antilles. When you want to buy a house on Curacao, you are choosing to buy a house on the most developed island in the Netherlands Antilles. On Curacao there is always a nice Caribbean vacation atmosphere. When buying a house on Curacao you can be part of this vacation environment! This relaxed atmosphere is also found on Curacao in the rules and legislation of the island. On Curacao there are fewer rules and laws compared to the Netherlands, which makes living in Curacao more comfortable..

By buying a house on Curacao you will get the experience of being on a vacation continuously with Dutch influences. Take a look at Ruselers housing offers in Jan Thiel, Zuurzak, Jan Sofat and Santa Barbara!