Holiday Curacao

We have made a checklist for you, with some tips before starting your holiday to Curacao.

For a holiday in Europe, an ID card is enough, but if you are traveling to Curacao you will need a passport. In addition to the passport, we can also advise you to bring you a driver’s license, so you can rent a car on the island carefree. If you have not yet reserved a rental car, you can do this with our partner Jan Thiel Car Rentals. Also good to know, the App Waze and are applications that offer offline navigation options!

Don’t forget to change your debit card to world coverage before heading to Curacao. You can do this through your bank’s App. Nowadays most of the bankcards are protected from skimming with a European lock.

Curacao is changing in time, and so is the airport. At the moment, you have E-gates at Hato International Airport, which goes much faster by customs. Before you go to Curacao, fill in immigration information online. If you don’t, you can not use these gates. As a recommendation, it is useful to print and bring the immigration data with you. You will find the website in this link.!online-ed-card

What we can highly recommend is to bring a mosquito spray with you. Nothing is more annoying than being bitten by insects. You can also buy this on Curacao.

Of course bring sunscreen for your holiday on Curacao. The island is situated nearby the equator, whereby you will experience a high UV-level. After sunbathing, it is always nice to put some After-Sun on your body.

Some things you can better leave at home are long trousers and jumpers. It´s always nice to bring 1 long pants and 1 sweater with you, but it isn’t necessary. On Curacao the average temperature is always 30 degrees Celsius, even at night.

Nowadays the towels are available at most accommodations, but check before departure. This gives you more space in your suitcase, which you can use for more clothes, shoes or other things you need for your vacation on Curacao.

Do you want a complete checklist, so you don’t forget one thing for your vacation to Curacao? Go to and create your own checklist.

A good preparation is always good for a carefree holiday on Curacao.

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