Boating on Curacao

Boat trips on Curacao

Did you know that the flag of Curacao has a big and a smaller star?

The big star represents the island of Curacao. The smaller star represents the uninhabited bounty island “Klein Curacao”.

Klein Curacao is therefore also listed in the top 5 of Curacao’s must sees.

Klein Curacao is known for its white beaches and beautiful clear blue waters. Besides that, there is a big chance of spotting dolphins during the boat trip to the island. Once you get to the island you can swim with sea turtles or visit the old lighthouse and the stranded shipwreck.

Keep your body protected from the sun on Klein Curacao, the white sand reflects a lot of solar. This means that you can even get sunburns while lying in the shade or even when it is cloudy.

If you are renting a villa in Jan Thiel, you can get very easily on a boat to Klein Curacao. The boats listed below departure from a small harbor next to the roundabout heading Caracasbaai.


For the adventure seekers the Jonalisa is a perfect option to get to Klein Curacao. On the way to Klein Curacao this Catamaran ship will sail on the engine, but on its way back to Curacao it will lift its sails. Click here for more information about Jonalisa Boat Trips.

Breeze Boat Trips
For those who prefer to sail with a smaller group to Klein Curacao, or for those who are prone to dizziness, the Breeze Boat Trips is a great option. This motor boat accommodates up to 25 people for a trip to Klein Curacao. Click here for more information about Breeze Boat Trips

Fish Charter Curacao
This company mainly focuses on fishing charters, so this boat is really a recommendation for fishing fanatics. During the trip to Klein Curacao you will get plenty of possibilities to learn how to fish like a pro.

Some boat trips to Klein Curacao are included with breakfast and a BBQ lunch. A BBQ lunch on the boat or on Klein Curacao beach is a great experience.

A day to Klein Curacao is so much fun to enjoy all the beauty that comes with this day.



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