Spa and Wellness on Curacao

Spa and Wellness are facilities that you can find on Curacao. From face treatments to manicures and pedicures, from body packs to massages and even sauna’s and Jacuzzi’s you can find on Curacao.

Reserve an apartment or villa in Jan Thiel, then you can find Spa and Wellness in the following facilities:

Mazai Spa
Spa en Welness Massage

Mazai Spa is located on the Morena Resort in Jan Thiel. This spa has named their treatments and massages by different colors. In addition they are offering an Aloe After sun Bath-treatment, a scrubbing treatment, the possibility of a manicure and pedicure. With all the treatments you will receive free of charge the famous Dr. Fish. These little fish will clean your hands and feet and make them soft!

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Spa 8Spa en Welness Curacao Jan Thiel 2jpg

There are different Spa and Wellness locations on Curacao. One of the favorites is called Spa 8. This spa is located on the western part of Curacao. This Spa offers facials and massages, and they also have body packs. After one of these treatments you can choose for a manicure and pedicure. There is also a hair stylist available and you can follow the yoga classes.


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D’Oriental MassageSpa en Welnes lichaamspakking

Would you rather stay in your own villa in Jan Thiel? You can always let the Spa and Wellness come to your house. There are multiple masseuses who are offering massages in your own villa, whereby D’Oriental Massage.

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Workshop masseren

Another option is to follow a workshop at a Spa on Curacao. This is possible in Willibrordus. There are different possibilities such as massaging the head, neck and shoulders, but also a massage for the feet. This is nice for couples, but also with a group of friends.


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