Weather climate Curacao

Our clients ask us often how the weather is going to be for coming week. We can hardly give an answer to that, Curacao is an island and wheather depends on many factors such as wind direction. The weather in Curacao is on average perfect for a sunny holiday all year round. Curacao offers a sunny, dry and tropical climate.

Curacao is known with 3 seasons. In our opinion is the weather of Curacao during the dry season in the months February till September the most pleasant. You will experience a refreshing breeze, which also been called ‘Kuaresma’. According to locals this breeze is blowing away all the sins after Carnival.

From November to January Curacao we have a rain season on Curacao. Most of the time this means that in the afternoon or at night it rains, but during day time it is mostly sunny and dry. If it rains during the day, it is often a small shower.

Fortunately hurricanes rarely hit Curacao. This is because Curacao is part of the islands wind. This season often means to be heated. When hurricanes pass the island, the wind will lie and temperature increase. The season officially runs from July to November, but our experience learns us the wind between September and November will lay down, and the months July and August can be experienced as very pleasant.

Do you want to check the weather forecast, than go to the website of the Curacao Metrological Service

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